5 Best Bali Villa Beachfront

One of the best things you can find in Bali is the incredible luxury villas with stunning ocean views. Imagine you are in a relaxed atmosphere by watching the sparkling Indian Ocean stretching out in front of you in this best Bali villa beachfront.

Luxury Villa Samudra

Villa Samudra, one of Bali villa beachfront, will please visitors with its location just 75 meters from the beach and paddy fields on one side. If the ocean view isn’t enough, you can also get a distant glimpse of Mount Agung, the Nusa Penida Islands, or Lombok Island.

Three rooms make up the property, which is tucked away in a lush coconut grove. The 20 m long pool is ideal for relaxing by the poolside because it has a pavilion and a couch. The home theater, spa, and outdoor bathtub are all available to visitors, as well as movie viewing.

Jimbaran Four Seasons

The Premier Ocean Pool Villa at Four Seasons Jimbaran is the ideal location to socialize together in a beachfront Bali villa when commemorating a birthday or organizing a romantic holiday.

It not only has a swimming bathroom, but you can swim and take in the day while admiring the unending sea that envelops it. This exquisite and opulent suite is constructed with an ethnic Balinese flavor.

This Bali villa beachfront provides a range of activities for couples throughout the month, including bacon and eggs, massages, and exclusive in-villa dinners. Open the window on chilly nights and have a soak in the antique bathtub with your partner.

Hidden Hill Villa

The Secret Hills Villas offer the perfect level of seclusion for couples. They are tucked away on Uluwatu Hill, close to Uluwatu Temple and the well-known surfing beaches of Bali. When all the romantic lights are on in the evening, that is when it is ideal.

The finest time to enjoy a pool full of light while swimming with a friend is around that hour. Add a candle-lit meal to this. Five luxurious private villas with private pools, lush gardens, and breathtaking 180-degree ocean views make up the resort.

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Villas Nomina Pecatu

The infinity pool at Nomina Villas Pecatu, which juts out into the ocean, will be the initial thing you notice when you arrive. This Bali villa beachfront in Uluwatu, close to the well-known surf spots Padang Padang Beach and Bingin Beach.

Villa Apui, which was created in a contemporary and minimalist manner to look roomy and cheerful, is a good option if you want to be close to the coast. Try Spa Ray if you enjoy locally grown herbs and organic spa treatments.

Suites at Grand Balisani

A tranquil tourist destination in tones of wood and stone surrounded by charming tropical gardens with waterfalls and sculptures. Grand Balisani Suites’ Balinese-inspired villas are decorated with traditional ornaments and regional textiles.

Choose Sani Villa for the greatest experience of Bali villa beachfront, which offers you a stunning view of the lovely gardens and the boundless ocean across from them. This villa features a Balinese pavilion and a pool that allows you to unwind after a long day of activities.

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