5 Great Alternative Places to Find Apartment in Bali for Sale

Are you looking for an apartment in Bali for sale? If you expect that If you imagine an apartment in a skyscraper, you probably won’t get it. It is because Balinese culture forbids the height of a building to exceed 15 meters.

But, if you look at an apartment with an ocean or rice field view, surrounded by friendly people with a strong culture, you will find it easy. This article will tell you five great places to find an apartment in Bali.

5 Great Places to Find Apartment in Bali for Sale

Do you want to experience living in a quiet area with natural beauty and strong culture? You might want to consider five unique places to find an apartment in Bali for sale.

1. Tanah Lot, Tabanan

Tanah lot is a famous place in Bali and is one of the most famous icons of Bali. If you have an apartment in this area, you can simultaneously feel the sensation of living near the beach and the rice fields.

In addition, the local government is very concerned with tourism development. Even though it is far from Denpasar city, you can still easily reach vital locations such as hospitals, shopping centers, and much more.

2. Kintamani, Bangli

Gunung Batur is the most magnificent mountain in Bali after Gunung Agung. It also has a beautiful lake around the hill. This is the perfect area to stay and find an apartment in Bali for sale.

The calm atmosphere, and the cool weather, make you feel more comfortable living here. This can be an option for those who want to heal and escape a world that stresses them out.

3. Ubud, Gianyar

You might ever hear about Ubud because this is one of the most popular destinations in Gianyar, Bali, both local and foreign. Ubud is unique, namely the rice field terrace in Tegallalang, making Ubud a tourist attraction for many people.

You can make this an option for your residence. The location is not too far from the city and many other public facilities, such as the Bali Dewata Trans Metro Bus, shopping centers, restaurants, and many others.

4.  Sanur, Denpasar

Sanur has one of the most famous tourist attractions: the beach with white sand, Sanur Beach. There are several other beaches, such as Segara Ayu Beach, a place for turtle breeding. Also, you can do water activities such as canoes on Sindhu Beach.

There are also many choices of restaurants, and shopping centers, and very close to the largest hospital in Bali, Rumah Sakit Sanglah, and the largest campus in Bali, Udayana University. You also can find any place to live, such as an apartment, villa, house, and many more.

5. Jimbaran, Badung

Instead of picking an ordinary place in Badung like Canggu or Kuta, you can consider finding an apartment for sale in Bali, Jimbaran, or Badung. Jimbaran is also a famous tourist destination. But, the good news is that it is not as crowded as Canggu or Kuta, so it is still suitable for those who want to feel the serenity of life in Bali.

The view of the limestone hills during the day is excellent. Then, the opinion of the hill with night lights in Jimbaran is also breathtaking. This can make you much more comfortable living in Jimbaran. Also, you can easily find an apartment in Bali for sale area.

Which Place Apartment in Bali for Sale Have You Picked?

So that is a great place to find an apartment in Bali for sale. Which place that you like and are you going to pick? Get your dream Balinese life now!

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