Moving to Bali: Is it the right decision?

Moving to Bali could be fun for people who live in urban areas such as Jakarta and its surroundings. Having a residence in a tourism area in Bali is a dream. Tired of the urban atmosphere and the air congested by vehicle fumes, many city dwellers want a clean and healthy environment like Bali. Therefore, it is not uncommon for city dwellers to finally choose to move to Bali to get a better and more enjoyable quality of life.

There are several reasons why moving to Bali would be the right decision for you, especially if you are a resident of a large city. Some of these reasons may be your consideration to establish yourself moving to the island of Bali.

Moving to Bali: Is it the right decision?

Unspoiled Atmosphere

Famous as a beautiful tourist city, Bali has a natural atmosphere that is still clean and natural. This is one of the biggest reasons why many people choose to move to Bali. The Balinese environment that is still attached to nature makes the beauty of this city inevitable. Air quality in Bali is also still good and free from pollution. The natural atmosphere on this island will certainly make life more comfortable.

Rich of culture

The island of Bali still has a strong Indonesian culture. Balinese people have a high pride in their culture. The uniqueness of Balinese culture, which contains elements of Hinduism, will allow you to explore and know more about Indonesian culture, especially Balinese culture. In addition, the island of Bali also does not see any social status or discrimination against others. Therefore, you will learn a lot to tolerate and respect each other.

Fewer Traffic Jams and Low Crime Rate

Even though it is famous as a tourist island, the roads in Bali rarely experience traffic jams. Congestion on the island of Bali only occurs during the holiday season. Even then, it’s not as bad as the traffic jams in big cities like Jakarta and its surroundings. In addition, the crime rate that occurs in Bali is also low. This is because the Balinese believe in karma, whoever does it will reap. The streets are rarely jammed and the safety of life will certainly make life calmer.

There are Many Communities

The Balinese population consists not only of local residents but also foreign nationals. The diversity of the population on the island of Bali makes many communities in it, ranging from hobby communities to animal lover communities. The many communities on the island of Bali will make you meet a lot of new people and explore new things that are useful for others.

Culinary Heaven

The number of immigrants affects the emergence of various kinds of cuisine on the island of Bali, ranging from traditional food to international food typical of various countries. You will easily find various types of cuisine on the island of Bali. This island will pamper your stomach as well as your tongue.

Best Relaxation Place

Having an environment with unspoiled natural conditions makes Bali not only a place to live but also the best place for relaxation. The Balinese environment which is close to the beach, rice fields, and hills will bring serenity and peace to your life. That way, all fatigue, and stress can be lost easily. You can also use many tourist attractions as a means of vacation and relaxation.

Those are some reviews about the reasons why moving to the island of Bali would be the right decision for you and your family. The excellence and beauty of the island of Bali will bring peace and tranquility to your life.

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