6 Essential Aspects to Check Before Deciding to Buy Property

Seeing properties in Bali is interesting, but it’s hard to pay attention to the essential details. Make sure you ask important questions when inspecting the property. It is crucial to make the most of the appearance of the Bali property. Also, it is useful for making sure you are as well informed as possible before making an offer. Here are some vital aspects you need to know!

Essential Points to Consider When Planning to Buy Property in Bali

  1. Property Location
    Location is an essential aspect in deciding your needs when you start property hunting. You can choose the most appropriate location for residence or investment according to your preferences and needs. Once you’ve decided on the best location or land, it’s a good idea to take a look at the properties in and around the area. It is crucial to see what kind of development is taking place.
  2. Land Area or Villa Area
    Also, consider the area of land or villas that you want to invest in Bali. Experience shows that each type of villa has its market for Bali property sale. Smaller villas are easier to rent in the city, and bigger villas tend to be favored by tourists. Also, if the land you own is large enough, you may consider building two or more villas that are smaller than the property.
  3. Accessibility
    If you want to invest in property for rental purposes, pay attention to accessibility. Ensuring that the location of this property is within reasonable driving distance for various needs such as dining out, shopping, entertainment, and recreational activities is essential. You also have to make sure that the road access to the villa is adequate, and not far from the main road.
  4. Soil Characteristics
    Soil testing is very important for anyone who wants to build a property. The bigger the building, the more important the soil characteristics needed to invest in Bali property sale. Depending on the size of the villa and the characteristics of the terrain on which the property is located, it is recommended that you apply a Soil Investigation Analysis to determine the characteristics of the soil.
  5. Land Certificate
    After that, you need to check the documents that become legal between the owner and also the land with the certificate. Make sure if the land matches the land certificate to prove it is correct. You also have to make sure that the location and boundaries of the land are following the documentary evidence listed.
  6. Land Use Restrictions
    Another crucial aspect you need to pay attention to is checking if you can get a Building Permit (IMB). Be sure to choose a Bali property sale that has no restrictions and could jeopardize the construction of your villa. Licensing and zoning are vital considerations for properties on undeveloped land. If you’re acquiring residential property for rental purposes, check the land restrictions.

All in all, there are numerous aspects you need to consider before developing a property for sale in Bali. In addition to location, you also need to know the characteristics of the land to facilitate property development. Not only have that before you decide to buy property, but you need to consider accessibility, land area, land certificates, and building permits.

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