All Indonesian Land Transaction Paperwork To List

Buying land in a different country is never been easy. In Indonesia in particular, the option of buying a property and land for foreigners is almost impossible. If you do have the chance to secure the deal, there are tons of considerations and paperwork to work around. Here are some of the paperwork to do when you try to get land for sale in Indonesia.

Paperwork Check To Proceed Your Sale And Purchase

  1. Title Background Check
    The most vital point of transaction paperwork is a background check. On this particular occasion, you need to pay attention to the title/ownership document. Legality is the key. If it is not, then it is unverifiable. Try to conduct a check for everything related to the land seller. The mortgage detail, background check, certificate, and some other original document should follow.
  2. Seller And Buyer Information
    Both parties need to give clear data and identification. Since you are a buyer, you need to check the seller information down to the basics. From the ID card, family card, land ownership certificate, PPB tax payment, seller’s taxpayer number, marriage certificate, etc. make sure everything is original and no discrepancies. Before you got the land for sale deal.
    Even though you are a buyer, it is essential to provide the same information. Make sure you got all of the paperwork complete. Some items you need to prepare are a copy of your ID card, family card, marriage certificate, and the taxpayer number or NPWP. After all of the information is available, let the seller check it. So, you got mutual trust.
  3. Ownership
    Before you secure the deal, ensure you got the original ownership certificate. It is a prove of the ownership issued by the government under the name of Badan Pertanahan Nasional (BPN). The legal owner of the property or land is the person whose name is printed on the title certificate. If the land for sale owner passed away, the next kin is the legal owner.
  4. The Agreement And Title Transfer
    Your transaction should have a Sales and Purchase Agreement or (SPA). It is a form that needs both parties’ signs. It is also a regulation to come with a spouse when the buyer is married. The SPA will be valid after being lodged at the local land registry office. After that, pay the current year’s taxation before the title transfer (registered as the latest owner in SPA).
  5. Mortgagor Protection
    If you have an Indonesian spouse, the property certificate might not have your name. Since you did sign the prenuptial agreement, the certificate will go to your spouse. However, if you want to protect your investment, use mortgagor protection for the land for sale certificate. It will prevent the titleholder from selling it without reimbursing your contribution.

Even though foreigners cannot buy land in Indonesia, it does not means that their purchase is a trivial thing. When one can secure a deal, the paperwork is what you need to do. It includes a title background check, information, ownership, agreement, transfer, and protection. Since foreigners do not get full rights, the paperwork can help avoid bad news.

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