Land For Sale In Indonesia For Foreigner- Facts Check

With a lush green nature, an overall warm temperate, good local, and beaches, many tourists or foreigners are bound to feel like buying properties in Indonesia. It is also known that Indonesia has great potential for future investment. However, it is not always a smooth sailing journey. You need to learn some land for sale in Indonesia for foreigner facts. Here are some of it.

Land For Sale In Indonesia For Foreigner

The Fact About Buying Properties In Indonesia For Foreigner

1. Foreigner Cannot Buy Land In Indonesia

The most common question about property investment is whether tourists or foreigners can buy land or not. Even though Indonesia has a lot of future potential in the international tourism investment, but the locals say no to foreigners. In other words, a foreigner cannot buy land in this country. The regulation works everywhere including the famous island, Bali.

But foreigner does have some other options. The best one is to set up a local PT PMA company. The idea might take a lot of effort to pull off, but it works as a foreign direct investment. Thus, a foreigner can get either the right-to-use or the right-to-build title for the land for sale property. It is better and safer than buying with the help of a local Indonesian nominee.

2. The Different Tittle

Indonesia has different titles that explain the investor’s rights. The Right-to-use is the Hak Pakai title, which indicates the foreigner can only use the property or land. They do not have the right to make changes to the land. On the contrary, the right-to-build refer to Hak Guna Bangunan that only specifies development.

3. It Is Hard To Predict Land Prices

Predict land price is never easy everywhere. It also happens in Indonesia that has a very vast land to cover. It is also worth underlining that the prices tend to increase over time. That is why you cannot use online information. Try to jump to the location and get detail about the land for sale price.

To get better information about the price, you need to check the listing available in the specific areas. Along with the list, you also need to consider the zone type and location. The difference in location and zone make the price difference to each other. One of the best examples is the beachfront in Bali is pricier than the countryside.

4. About The Zones

Another fact that you need to get it right and learn is the zones. Basing on the location or the local regulation, you will likely find different zones. In general, Indonesia has a total of 12 zones. Some of them include industrial, protected areas, foresty, trade and service, residential, tourism, conservation, and many more. Make sure you know the land for sale zone beforehand.

To conclude the ideas, it is safe to say that Indonesia does have good property investment potential. If you do want to buy land or properties, ensure you got all the facts. You need to learn that foreigners cannot buy land. If they did, they only got a different title. The price and paperwork are tedious. There are also zonings details, which you need to learn beforehand.

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