Bali Beach: Good for Property Investment?

Bali Beach is a benchmark for property investment for a vacation during the holiday season. The house near the beach is certainly very pleasant. However, before building or buying it, pay attention to the following things, don’t underestimate it.

If you have a minimalist house near the beach or the sea, of course, it will be a distinct advantage, especially if you are the type of person who likes the beach.

You can feel vacation every day, if you have a residence near the beach, even a beachfront house in Bali, Lombok, or others.

This can also be a long-term investment for those of you who want to invest because you can rent out houses during the holiday season or dry season.

However, before you buy or build a house near the beach, you need to pay attention to the following things.

Bali Beach: Good for Property Investment?


If you plan to rent out a house during the holiday season, look for a location close to tourist attractions, so your investment will be right on target.

Ocean View Is Very Important

Having a house that directly has access to the beach by foot and has a view of the sea, is certainly more recommended.

Build a House with Multiple Rooms

Generally, people go on vacation to the beach with their family, if you build a house, make a lot of rooms to accommodate many families.

Prepare Renovation Costs

If you intend to buy, make sure you prepare a renovation fund, because the risk of houses near the sea is prone to erosion and damage caused by the wind.

Pay attention to the climate

It is very important to make sure your home can be used in all seasons, especially the rainy season. You can use a fireplace or air conditioning system for your home, don’t forget to install fans and air conditioners.

Use Tropical Design

The beach house fits perfectly with the tropical building design that has pastel colors and makes the house look brighter. You can add a gazebo, patio, or deck that can provide comfort, especially when you are enjoying the beautiful sea view.

Build a Stage House

If you build a house from scratch, it’s a good idea to make a house on stilts, the models vary. This can be a solution when the tide is high so that water or flooding does not enter the house, this often happens in coastal areas.

Choose the Right Material

Using the best building materials, of course, makes the house last longer and last longer. Some things you need to pay attention to are the special types of cement that are resistant to saltwater.

Use the best materials for windows, roofs, doors, and water-resistant wood and concrete, the potential for damage is certain.

House Building Construction

In building the foundation, if the soil on which the house is built is not too hard, you can use a chicken claw foundation.

This foundation is shaped like imitating coconut roots that can grow strong on the beach, especially when there is the potential for seawater to enter the mainland.

Hopefully, some of the tips above can help you realize a house near the beach that you dream of.

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