Property Guides for Newlyweds

Property guides for newlyweds allow you to be creative with your dream home but also realistic at the same time.  Getting married is a moment that a couple has been waiting for. This special moment is a fresh new beginning for each couple as well as the beginning of a new life together. Ideally, after the wedding, the couple always hopes to move out of their childhood home. Then, start building a new home for them together.

Property Guides for Newlyweds

There are some important guidelines in finding property for newlyweds. What steps should be taken? Come on, see the reviews below:

Make a list

Start individually listing all your wishes and desires for a home from the big to the smallest details. The more specific, the more useful. Be sure to include answers to the following questions:


Why would you buy a property like for example a house? Is it just for a temporary bed while saving money to buy your real dream home? You also need to know whether this purchase is for the long term or the short term. This goal can influence other decision-makers such as budget, house type, size, and others.


Will this house be your home with your partner for the next few years? If so, are you planning to start living with your new family in this house? How many children do you plan to have in a given period?  Knowing all your needs and prioritizing them before your wants will help in saving you financially.

Looks and Design

It is on this question that you and your partner’s wishes will be discussed. Do you want a garage near the gate or a parking lot? The list will continue to grow, but feel free to jot down any possible details. This list will help narrow down the choice of houses and land, apartments, or other types of property that are suitable for you and your partner.


What is the real cost to you and your partner considering all other living expenses? Budget plays a big role in decision-making. Knowing the budget will help determine which are your priorities and needs. Whether you have savings or are considering getting a loan, identifying the price range will guide you to the home you need


Now that you have an idea of ​​what kind of home you are looking for, it is time to determine the location based on your lifestyle and needs. Would you like to live near your workplace? Traffic conditions, environment, cleanliness, water supply, and even internet facilities. These are just a few examples of questions to check when considering a place. Property prices also vary depending on the location. Be sure to find a comfortable place for you and your partner.


Now that you and your partner have your own list, discuss the list carefully. Identify things you both agree on and also talk about differences of opinion. Separate your needs from wants. Which of the lists is non-negotiable? Come up with a new list and try sorting it by priority.


The priority list is a must-have quality as the “best home” for you and your partner. This is the time to compromise with your partner and work within the available budget.

Those are property guides for newlyweds. Hopefully, the tips above can help you and your partner in choosing a property that suits your needs and desires. Good luck!

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