Ultimate Guide to Choose the Best Property for Sale in Bali

Over a million people from all over the world head to Bali for a vacation every year. For this reason, many people want to keep the holiday atmosphere alive by moving to Bali. If you are thinking about buying a place to stay in Bali, there are several things to consider. Read this ultimate guide to get the best property for sale in Bali!

How To Choose the Best Property Bali You Should Know

1. Pay attention to the type of property you want

The first thing you should consider to get the best property is paying attention to the type of property. This information becomes the basis that must be understood to get the right property. This is because foreigners who come to Indonesia cannot buy land. But you can buy a property with certain conditions that must be followed, such as property rights.

Although there are several ways to overcome these obstacles, they are all quite complex and require good legal advice. Fortunately, there is the easiest way to buy property in Bali by buying a condominium. That is why many foreigners choose a property for sale in Bali condominiums that are still in the legal area according to the regulations applied in Indonesia

If you choose a property in Bali, then pay attention to some of the requirements. During the time of writing an agreement, you will need to sign a convertible lease stating that the developer is obliged to submit the deed as soon as the foreign ownership becomes legal. In fact, some regulations make full foreign ownership subject to certain conditions.

2. Condition of the property to be purchased

In addition to paying attention to the type of property you are buying and the conditions that must be met, it is essential for you to pay attention to other aspects. The essential point to get the best property for sale in Bali is to check the condition that you want to buy. Many things need to be considered to prevent disappointment after legally taking the agreement on paper.

When choosing a property, you must check whether the condition of the house is in good condition. Talk to your real estate agent to recommend the best property that meets your needs. Make sure if the agent arranges property inspections and specific problems, from location, property type, to actual condition.

3. Legally Sold Property

Another thing that is no less important to get the best property is to look at its legality. Make sure the property that you choose is legal to sell. It is because some land in Indonesia is categorized so that it is never sold or built on it. For these reasons, be aware of unscrupulous developers in building and marketing property for sale in Bali at a profit even though it is not legal.

Buying a vacation home or permanent residence in Bali is the dream of many people, including foreigners. This is a major decision, so it requires thorough research. That way, you can ensure that the property being sold is legal and not a scam. Therefore, you need to consider the law, types of property, and the property condition.

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